Private detective services

This is not the hole list of our services. If you have any questions, it’s better you’ll call us for more information.

  • adultery Identification
  • photo and video supervision, professional shadowing
  • bugs finding, object information gathering
  • lie detector (polygraph) checking
  • searching for people and gathering information about the missing person
  • employees control

Services for individuals:

  • assistance to lawyers
  • immovable property transactions, object property checking
  • debtor and fraudster inquiry
  • the investigation of civil and criminal offences
  • vehicle history checking
  • stolen vehicle searching
  • lost connections restoration

Services for juridicals:

  • informational security ensuring for business
  • trademark protection
  • documents Verification
  • data gathering and analysis of legal entities information (business references preparation)
  • applicants checking
  • checking the premises for bugs
  • ground transportation monitoring (GPS)

Other services:

  • data gathering of civil cases on a contractual basis with actors
  • market research, gathering of information for business negotiations, identifying insolvent or unreliable business partners.
  • identifying of circumstances of the unauthorized use business logos and names, unfair competition, the disclosure of information constituting a trade secret.
  • clarification of biographical and other personality data of the individual citizens (with their written consent) at the conclusion of their employment and other contracts.
  • searching for the lost property of citizens or enterprises, institutions and organizations
  • gathering of information on criminal cases on a contractual basis with actors. Within the twenty-four hours after concluding the contract for gathering such an information, the private detective is due to notify in written form the interrogator, attorney or court, under which responsibility the criminal case is located