Private detective. "Alibi Kazan" Detective Agency.

"Alibi Kazan" Detective Agency is the Highly professional private investigator in Kazan. We were really managed to gather a team of specialists who are able to puzzle out the most complicated cases.

"Alibi Kazan" Detective Agency can solve such problems as:

  • locating individuals - hiding or missing
  • identification of the facts of adultery
  • debtor, fraudster and malefactor inquiry
  • gather information about the physical and legal entities and the other objects that Customer is interested in
  • personnel checking, including the "lie detector" (if necessary and with the consent of the applicant for the position)
  • hidden audio- and video camera setting
  • detection of hidden supervision and counter-supervision organization (until the individual of the Customer to be identified)
  • vehicles, movable and immovable property locating
  • identification of the circle of communication and its influence on the difficult teenagers

Detective Agency "Alibi Kazan" is a fusion of law enforcement experience of our employees who have worked for many years in analytical, investigative and operational divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the investigating committee, the Federal Security Service, the best traditions of the best detective agencies and the most modern technical means. We really know how to effectively work in full compliance with efficacious law and the privacy policy.
The result of our work in the business is:

  • the reduction of financial risks, increasing the profitability
  • the reduction of the amount of defaults on contractual obligations
  • the information of the capabilities and plans of competitors, contractors, business partners

The result of our work in private life is:

  • peace, love, happiness in your family
  • a healthy heart, strong nerves
  • the confidence in the future

We work around Tatarstan republic and Russian Federation. If necessary, we can work outside the Russian Federation.
Contact us and we will do everything for you and your business.
"Alibi Kazan" Detective Agency - your reliable protection in the most difficult situations!